Old Tom Gin Is Coming Soon!

We are keeping the momentum of summer going with another debut; our Old Tom Gin. This is a completely new gin for our distillery, changing up our botanical ratios and adding more citrus.

Old Tom is an almost forgotten style of gin, reaching its peak popularity in England during the 1700’s.  If you are familiar with Old Tom gins, you know they are a bit sweeter than dry gins. We dialed down the sweetness in ours and balanced out the sweet with lemon, oranges and grapefruit. Our desire to elevate this 90.6 proof Old Tom to a new level came to us in the form of a barrel. That’s right! We allowed the Old Tom to rest in Pedro Ximenez dessert sherry casks, giving it complexity, depth, and a lovely, golden hue.
There is a history to Old Tom gins. The sweetness is rumored to have been a way to cover cheap botanical flavors (not a problem here).  Sometimes a black cat (“Old Tom”) plaque hung from the outside walls of pubs, with a coin slot near a cat paw faucet. The money dropped into the slot signaled the bartender inside to pour a shot of gin into a tube leading back to the cat paw for the customer. Although this primitive gin vending machine sounds really cool, we can luckily sell our Old Tom without the secrecy thanks to the Repeal of Prohibition in 1933. (Thanks again George Cassiday for helping us out with that one).
Now that you’ve read about our newest gin and had a brief history lesson, we would like to officially invite you all to come taste it and grab a bottle for your home bar. We will be throwing the Old Tom release party on August 5th, from 1-4pm. We will offer free tours, free tastings, and happy hour priced cocktails.
Continuing our dedication to support local, we have invited our fellow Ivy City neighbor and outstanding bread maker, Chris of Giradot’s Crumbs Bakery to set up a table to sell his delicious breads and treats. Giradot’s Crumbs pop-up will be selling perfect portions of his specialty bread with accoutrements to enjoy here, as well as, loaves of bread to take home and enjoy while you sip on your new bottle of NCD’s Old Tom Gin.
As always, please visit our Facebook page or other social media to stay up to date on our Old Tom release event. We look forward to seeing our beloved gin lovers!