6 Year Anniversary & 2018 Ginavit Release Party!

The devil made us do it! As DC’s first distillery since Prohibition, we are excited to celebrate our 6th year anniversary of the first bottle of Green Hat Gin. We haven’t had a party since our 2nd anniversary, so let’s make up for lost time. Combining our 2018 edition of our Apple Brandy barrel aged Ginavit with our 6th anniversary seems like the most fitting of celebrations. We like this six theme so much, that we will be extending our Saturday hours from 1-4pm to 1-6pm!!! And on top of that, all of our drinks will be $6, and you know we have the best cocktails in Ivy City. But wait, there’s more!! Not only will we be open until 6pm, and we will have $6 cocktails, but we will also be running a special anniversary sale, $6 off EVERY SINGLE bottle of Gin AND Capitoline Vermouth that day! WHAT?!?!?!?!??!

Come, be festive, celebrate with us! Spend your afternoon with us!

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