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Sketchn of Green Hat being distilled in copper pot stills.

With a unique blend of botanicals distilled in copper pot stills, Green Hat Gin is a flavorful and award-winning spirit.

Double Gold San Francisco World Spirits Competition (Citrus/Floral)
95 Points Tasting Panel (Original Batch)
Gin of the Year Bartender Spirits Awards (Citrus/Floral)
Gin Producer of the Year Bartender Spirits Awards
Double Gold Bartender Spirits Awards (Citrus/Floral)
"Nine Bottles to Turn Gin Haters into Gin Lovers" GQ
Double Gold San Diego Spirits Festival (Original Batch)
Gold Concours d'Spirits (Original Batch)

Original Batch

Original Batch

A Washington Original: Made for those that appreciate a juniper-forward blend balanced with original botanicals.

Classic aromas of juniper, citrus and herbs linger on the palate with anise notes and a crisp finish. This super-premium gin excels both in cocktails or over ice with a zest of lemon or lime.

Distilled Gin | 41.5% Alc/Vol

Gin Rickey Cocktail


One of the more unique flavors in botanicals, lemongrass features citrusy notes of lemon and lemon mint.

Celery Seed

Aromatic and astringent, celery seed adds a savory, earthy character.


Delicate and mild, fennel has a sweet and subtle anise-like flavor, bringing light and bright notes to the forefront.

Navy Strength

Navy Strength

High-Proof Gin: Navy strength spirits are stronger (higher-proof) than their non-nautical counterparts

Bold notes of candied lemon and grapefruit blend with flowery lavender and clover. Bottled at 114.2 proof, the finish remains refreshingly smooth. A perfect first mate with tonic, or for juicy cocktails ranging from sweet to tart.

Distilled Gin | 57.1% Alc/Vol

Negroni Cocktail


Aromatic, with sweet, tangy notes, lemon balances deeper flavor notes.


Grassy notes mixed with a lemony flavor, clover adds a pleasing sweetness.


Citrus-forward and tart, with a hint of bitterness, grapefruit is a flavor all its own.

Citrus Floral


A Basket of Spring Botanicals: Take a walk in our gin garden with a bright spring mix of botanicals.

Aromas of lemon and sweet orange meld with hints of cherry blossom and rose petals. Lively and fresh with lemon peel and grapefruit, Citrus/Floral finishes with a cheerful burst of creamy orange and a touch of juniper.

Distilled Gin | 45% Alc/Vol

Fitzgerald Cocktail

Lemon Peel

Providing deep citrus flavor, lemon peel combines both floral and citrus notes and aroma.

Cherry Blossom

Equal parts salty, sour and sweet, cherry blossom is one of the more complex botanicals.


Sweet and tangy, orange adds luscious notes of citrus.

Summer Cup

Summer Cup

In the British Tradition: This complex cordial is an infusion of our Navy gin with generous amounts of additional botanicals for our version of the grand British Summer Cup tradition.

Notes of citrus, rosehips, cucumber, black tea, verbena, lavender and other herbs and spices. Our cup runneth over in this creative and complex mixer.

Fruit and Herb Cordial | 33% Alc/Vol

Summer Spritz Cocktail


Deep and complex flavor, with a rich aroma.


Sweet and floral, with citrus-forward flavors.


Peppery on the palate, with an aroma to match.